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Pyhän Asteli is on its way to Sustainable Travel Finland and below is a list of the measures that have been taken so far.


All Asteli´s accommodation units have air heat pumps that can be adjusted remotely, thus the temperatures can be monitored and kept constant.

The newest Aurora Suites apartments are technologically and ecologically the latest peak, as they use geothermal heat, air heat pump and solar collectors. A renewable natural resource, wood pellets, is used as a backup heat source. So you can sleep peacefully at night and save nature.


Asteli has a public sauna open to all customers, which is heated daily during the season. This way, customers can, if they wish, use a public sauna instead of heating their own sauna and save on electricity consumption. There is an in-ground pool in front of the public sauna where the water is led from a forest stream.

Snowmobile safaris

For the sake of environmental friendliness, Astel uses 4-stroke sleds instead of 2-stroke sleds.


The restaurant uses local ingredients, for example reindeer meat comes from a nearby reindeer farm.


We prefer local transport for airport transfers and shorter trips.


The lighting uses LED lamps, which are known to be energy efficient and recyclable.


Pyhän Asteli is located on the north side of Finland's southernmost mountain range, a suitable distance from the pulsating modern life but close enough, along good transport connections. The landscape of the area is a traditional Lapland landscape: fells, pine forests, aapas and rivers. Pyhä-Luosto National Park is just a stone's throw away from Pyhä Asteli. In the area of ​​the national park, you can see the natural diversity of the area and experience the sacred places of the ancient Forest Sámi people.

The cabin village of Pyhän Asteli is in the lap of the Lapland forest, a short distance from the humus of the fell. Here you can enjoy the silence of nature and the peace of the forest. You can enjoy nature as soon as you step outside. In winter, you can access Pyhä-Luosto's cross-country skiing trails from Pyhän Asteli's yard, and in summer, you can reach the national park's hiking trails along the trails.

Pyhäjärvi lies behind the trees, just a few hundred meters from Asteli. In summer, the landscapes surrounding the lake are best viewed from a rowing boat from the lake. The fells and traditional country landscapes surrounding the lake paint a romantic summer landscape. Pyhäjärvi's Astelinranta also has an excellent beach with a sandy bottom, where even the smallest of the family can enjoy themselves in the warm summer weather. Worm fishing and ice fishing are allowed on the lake for everyone, but the use of other fishing equipment requires a permit from the fishing board.