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Holiday Apartments

From 110,00 € / d
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Our Holiday apartments are a good option for active people because the apartments are easy to reach by car and the cross-country ski tracks and hiking routes start from our yard.

After an active day outside, clothes can be dried in a dryer and own sauna warms up quickly. Outside at the terrace there is a storage place where all the equipment can be stored.

Pleasant semi-detached houses are located in beautiful spot shadowed by trees. There are seven houses with two identical apartments, and both have a surface of 56 square meters. Quarters are for 4 to 6 persons. Two of our apartments are also suitable for disabled persons. Own fireplace brings warm atmosphere to the cabin.

Breakfast is not included:

1.6.22 - 31.8.22

1.10.22 - 30.11.22

11.4.23 - 31.8.23

1.10.23 - 30.11.23