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From €242.00 / d
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Spend an unforgettable night at Aurora Hut. Glass windows that stretch from floor to ceiling create a wonderful opportunity to see and experience the Arctic sky and the surrounding nature.

The ecological Aurora Hut is the choice of the environmentally conscious:

-Electricity for LED lights and telephones is produced by solar and biofuel cells.

-The toilet is compostable and the liquids are collected in a septic tank.

-Cleaned washing water is led back to nature through a carbon filter.

-The structure is energy-efficient throughout, the windows are the best low-energy level.

-Heating using renewable fuel consumes little even in severe frost.

Breakfast is not included:

1.6.22 - 31.8.22

1.10.22 - 30.11.22

11.4.23 - 31.8.23

1.10.23 - 30.11.23