Ecological sustainability - Pyhän Asteli

Ecological sustainability

Here are our choices what we have made to be ecologically sustainable:


There are air heat pumps in every Pyhän Asteli's accommodation units which can be remotely controlled. This helps keeping the temperatures on the same level all the time.


There is a public sauna available for everyone who are staying in Pyhän Asteli. During high season it is heated every day and customers who has their own saunas in their cabins can also use public sauna if they want to reduce the use of electricity. There is a pool outside the sauna and the water comes straight from a forest stream. There is natural flow with the water which comes in and out of the stream, so no chemicals is needed to keep the pool clean. 


To be more environmentally friendly, we use two-stroke snowmobiles instead of four-stroke snowmobiles.


Local ingredients are used in our restaurant, for example the reindeer meat comes from nearby reindeer farm.


We recommend public transportation when people transfer between airport and Pyhän Asteli. Public transportation and local taxi's are recommended when the customers need transfer to an activity place or to Pyhä center.


LED lights are used in our resort because they are energy efficient and recyclable.