SPECIAL OFFER! AuroraHut - Pyhän Asteli



Spend an amazing night in a private AuroraHut in top of a fell. This cozy AuroraHut offers you a spectacular view to the arctic sky and to the nature around you with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The location of this AuroraHut has been selected carefully and there is no other accommodation near, also no other people. Location on top of a fell means privacy and zero light pollution. Only You, the starry sky and northern lights. 

16 m², double bed, kitchen (no fridge), foldable table and toilet. 


Price is 450 €/night for 2 people

Price includes breakfast and transportation in a sleigh pulled by snowmobile to and from the AuroraHut.


Available in winter season 1st of December until mid April

Available in summer season too, stay tuned! This AuroraHut is also a boat. Imagine spending an night on a lake admiring the midnight sun.


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